SPY IMPROV 8/8/2020

Robert answered 15 pre-submitted questions and another 6 questions in chat. Topics included chemtrails, food shortages, murder of Herman Cain, could Fauci be indicted for mass murder, online censorship, use of NSA data against the Deep State, China as a fake threat, Cynthia McKinney, Trump’s different teams (most invisible), Soleimani assassination, and more.

SPY IMPROV – 7/4/2020

In this SPY IMPROV webinar Robert answered questions on;

POTUS Winning in 2020 – Civil War – Covid-19 Lies – Deep State – Asset-Backed Currency – Citizen Neighborhood Communications – Web 3.0 – Truth Channel – Wikileaks – Food Shortages – King John III – Ghislaine Waxwell – False Flag Operations – Russell Jay Gould – Mini Ice-Age

And the 30 minutes give and take from chat questions.