The Steele Report – 5/13/2021

Robert grades as Green White House, Society, UK/Israel, and Yellow Message and Economy.

He addresses the following topics:

  • Scoop on Battle Mountain Event of 15 May 2021
  • Update on #UNRIG Website & Movie
  • Update on Wall Street Treason & Crime Website & Movie
  • Update on Satanic Empire Website, Final Book, & Movie

The Steele Report – 4/12/2021

Robert grades as GREEN White House, Society, and UK/Israel. He grades as YELLOW Message and Economy.

He addresses these topics:

  • ARISE USA Tour Overview — Accomplishments & Plans
  • Anna Von Reitz & the State Assemblies
  • Populists Left & Right: Why Trumpers Must Embrace Sandernistas
  • Why the Libertarian Party Leadership Sucks & Will Never Win Elections