The Steele Report – 8/17/2020

The Steele Report for Monday, 17 August 2020 rates Green for White House and Zionism, Yellow for the Economy, Orange for Message and Society, and Red for Campaign. Topics addressed include Shadowgate – the full film debunked; It’s not about left versus right but about good versus evil; Chances of Trump winning re-election / Biden down, Harris up, Republican cross-over?; Do we need a Constitutional Convention?; What should Web 3.0 look like?; China’s reality – Asians & Russia will push back, not the USA; and Analysis of “Peace Deal” between Israel and UAE as REJECTED by Palestinians

The Steele Report – 8/10/2020

Robert scores Red for Campaign and Zionism, Orange for Message, Yellow for Economy, and a Green for White House. Topics covered include a special on what books to recommend to wake people up, plus COVID-19 review and sure fire healing being blocked; Labor Day deadline for massive indictments from Durham – August surprises; Election 2020 — UK and Israel are the meddlers, not China, Iran, Russia; Election 2020 –Faith, Family, Freedom versus Sodom & Gomorrah; Election 2020 – President takes ownership of USPS with eye on mail-in ballots?; Censorship by Facebook, Microsoft, YouTube – a Real Threat or a Call to Arms?; A Bright Future for America: anti-fragile localization, home schooling, plus plus; Beirut Tactical Nuclear Attack by France and Israel; Mike Flynn’s Latest Message.

SPY IMPROV – 6/27/2020

In this SPY IMPROV webinar Robert answered questions on;

5G, Arrests – Biblical Battle of Good versus Evil – Canada – Clones & Extraterrestrials – Directed Energy Fires in USA and AUS – Earth & Trump – False Flag – FBI/CIA Outsourcing to Crime Families – Freemasons – JFK Jr. Still Alive? – Military & CIA & FEMA – White versus Black Hats – Moon Landing Faked – Natural News – Niburu – Pedophilia – Q Anon – Russia – Secret Space Program – Wall Street

And the 30 minutes give and take from chat questions.