SPY IMPROV 7/18/2020

Robert addressed 23 pre-submitted questions covering public awareness of pedophilia, prospects for the Trump re-election, the alleged threat of UN/NATO troops on US soil, corruption and perversion at the highest levels of the US military, Q Anon, Ben Carson, Dragon Families, Quantum Financial and the end of US income taxes, Biden’s senility, Zionist assassination of US citizen opponents, Trump’s relations with Zionist Israel, and several others topics. A number of additional questions were answered as nominated in the chat session that always follows the planned questions.

SPY IMPROV 7/11/2020

In this SPY IMPROV webinar Robert answered questions on;

UN – Civil War – FEMA – Flynn – Zionism – Ben Carson as VP – Global Economic Reset – Alleged New King of England – Child Trafficking – Federal Reserve – Extraterrestrials – Filtering of White House Mail – Recent discovery of children sold via Wayfair

And the 30 minutes give and take from chat questions.