SPY IMPROV 8/15/2020

Robert answered 23 submitted questions all of which can be seen here, as well as another seven or so in chat for a 90 minute session. Topics including directed energy weapons, the Beirut attack, counterintelligence, artificial intelligence and transhumanism, gold, Q Anon, Election 2020, and where Trump is falling short with blacks, Sandernistas, Libertarians, and Independents.


SPY IMPROV 8/8/2020

Robert answered 15 pre-submitted questions and another 6 questions in chat. Topics included chemtrails, food shortages, murder of Herman Cain, could Fauci be indicted for mass murder, online censorship, use of NSA data against the Deep State, China as a fake threat, Cynthia McKinney, Trump’s different teams (most invisible), Soleimani assassination, and more.

SPY IMPROV 8/1/2020

Robert answered 21 questions provided in advance, covering many aspects of where the Trump Administration might be in the fight to the death against the Deep State cabal, human trafficking, the fake pandemic, murderous vaccines, the status of General Mike Flynn and the future indictment and conviction of Anthony Fauci for mass murder, pedophilia and progress on arrests, full disclosure and medical advancements, and DNC switch out of Biden for who who who.

SPY IMPROV 7/25/2020

Robert answered 33 questions covering everything from war with China and Chinese operations in the USA to false flag operations, the fake pandemic, chemtrails, the economic reset, gold, history, the Rockefeller plan for a global lock down, Wall Street crime and possibilities, mandated vaccines, and how the Marine Corps is exempt from posse comitatus and can be used by the President for domestic security as needed.

SPY IMPROV 7/18/2020

Robert addressed 23 pre-submitted questions covering public awareness of pedophilia, prospects for the Trump re-election, the alleged threat of UN/NATO troops on US soil, corruption and perversion at the highest levels of the US military, Q Anon, Ben Carson, Dragon Families, Quantum Financial and the end of US income taxes, Biden’s senility, Zionist assassination of US citizen opponents, Trump’s relations with Zionist Israel, and several others topics. A number of additional questions were answered as nominated in the chat session that always follows the planned questions.

SPY IMPROV 7/11/2020

In this SPY IMPROV webinar Robert answered questions on;

UN – Civil War – FEMA – Flynn – Zionism – Ben Carson as VP – Global Economic Reset – Alleged New King of England – Child Trafficking – Federal Reserve – Extraterrestrials – Filtering of White House Mail – Recent discovery of children sold via Wayfair

And the 30 minutes give and take from chat questions.