The Steele Report – 9/14/2020

Robert rated Campaign and Zionism in the Green, White House, Message, Economy, and Society Yellow. In this week’s text report he discusses Aliens, Alien Technology, Mind-Control; The Battle of the Global Giants – World Economic Forum versus the Elders; October Surprises – Five Aces in the President’s Hand; 5G Is Still a Threat and Directed Energy Can Vaporize Bodies as Well as Start Fires; The Potential Food Crisis – Need Six Months to Avert; Sheriffs & Pastors – Concept for a Bottom-Up Self-Governing America.

The Steele Report – 8/24/2020

Today’s report rates GREEN for White House, Message, Economy, Society, and Zionism, and YELLOW for Campaign. A RESTRICTED video not allowed on YouTube is introduced with supporting book reviews and a supporting post. The following are addressed in the main body of the document:

Q Anon – real or not real – my appraisal
Jews, Zionists, and Russian Criminals – has the time come for a counterintelligence purge?
Mark Steele on the 5G Threat and Claims of 5G Conversion into Benign Tesla Towers
Appraisal of the Pre-Conditions for Revolution Existing in the USA Today
What Is To Be Done? Is Trump Doing What Needs To Be Done?

SPY IMPROV – 6/27/2020

In this SPY IMPROV webinar Robert answered questions on;

5G, Arrests – Biblical Battle of Good versus Evil – Canada – Clones & Extraterrestrials – Directed Energy Fires in USA and AUS – Earth & Trump – False Flag – FBI/CIA Outsourcing to Crime Families – Freemasons – JFK Jr. Still Alive? – Military & CIA & FEMA – White versus Black Hats – Moon Landing Faked – Natural News – Niburu – Pedophilia – Q Anon – Russia – Secret Space Program – Wall Street

And the 30 minutes give and take from chat questions.