The Steele Report – 8/24/2020

Today’s report rates GREEN for White House, Message, Economy, Society, and Zionism, and YELLOW for Campaign. A RESTRICTED video not allowed on YouTube is introduced with supporting book reviews and a supporting post. The following are addressed in the main body of the document:

Q Anon – real or not real – my appraisal
Jews, Zionists, and Russian Criminals – has the time come for a counterintelligence purge?
Mark Steele on the 5G Threat and Claims of 5G Conversion into Benign Tesla Towers
Appraisal of the Pre-Conditions for Revolution Existing in the USA Today
What Is To Be Done? Is Trump Doing What Needs To Be Done?

The Steele Report – 7/13/2020

In this report Robert addresses what I am hearing on the economic re-set and when it might happen; Anna von Reitz vs. Russell Jay Gould; the end of Zionism in the USA – why I am drawing the line here and now; #UNRIG electoral reform act update – and Cynthia McKinny in DC 20-24 July; the final objective: the integrated reform of education, intelligence, research.