The Steele Report – 8/3/2020

Red for Zionism, Orange for Campaign and Message, Yellow for White House, Economy, and Society. Topics discussed include murder of Herman Cain; Election 2020 and mail-in ballot fraud solution; Britney Spears as MK-ULTRA sex slave; Trump accomplishments not reported by media; nuclear fusion, failing nuclear plans in flood plains, the future of free energy; and how Zionists are using fake war on China to distract from Zionist crimes against humanity.

The Steele Report – 7/27/2020

For Monday 27 July 2020 the Trump Administration is rated Orange for the Campaign and the White House, and Yellow for Message, Economy, Society, and Zionism. Eight topics are briefly addressed: protests and police; the corruption of language and society by design; the looming US and global food crisis; ten day plan for slamming fake pandemic lies; new lawsuits against ADL for defamation; Democratic split ticket by 16 September; Israel rather than China as the leading thief of US intellectual property; and weather warfare.

The Steele Report – 7/13/2020

In this report Robert addresses what I am hearing on the economic re-set and when it might happen; Anna von Reitz vs. Russell Jay Gould; the end of Zionism in the USA – why I am drawing the line here and now; #UNRIG electoral reform act update – and Cynthia McKinny in DC 20-24 July; the final objective: the integrated reform of education, intelligence, research.

SPY IMPROV 7/11/2020

In this SPY IMPROV webinar Robert answered questions on;

UN – Civil War – FEMA – Flynn – Zionism – Ben Carson as VP – Global Economic Reset – Alleged New King of England – Child Trafficking – Federal Reserve – Extraterrestrials – Filtering of White House Mail – Recent discovery of children sold via Wayfair

And the 30 minutes give and take from chat questions.