The Steele Report – 11/2/2020

For the first time ever, The Steele Report rated all six focus areas as Green (Campaign, White House, Message, Economy, Society, UK/Israel). The following topics are addressed: Stages of Intellectual Growth, Five Levels of Play;Pedophilia Book 1, Why This Endeavor Helps America;The Downside Dangers of Going Digital Without Fixing Government;Trump Wins — Then What? Dealing with Systemic Failure;A New Cumulative Table of Contents for The Steele Report.

The Steele Report – 10/26/2020

Today Robert rates Campaign and Society as Green; White House, Message, and Economy as Yellow, and UK/Israel as red. The UK now joins Israel as the greatest enemy of the USA. Topics addressed include America’s Enemies: Israel and England, Not China, Iran, or Russia; Pedophilia Developments – Book Going to Print, Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney; Election 2020 – Biden Out, Clinton Indicted, JFK Jr. Appears and Endorse Trump?; Q, Anons, Overview; Google Anti-Trust Lawsuit, Persistent Censorship, Web 3.0, Open Source Agency, Education; and Digital Standards & Data Censorship: Blame China or Out the Anti-Defamation League?

The Steele Report – 10/12/2020

Robert grades Green for White House and Society; Yellow for Message; Orange for Campaign and Economy, and Red for Zionism – going nuclear. Topics addressed include Who Rules the World & How?; What Can We Learn from Passive Publics Accepting Illegal Unjustified Lockdowns & Masks?; Are the Presidential and Republican Leadership COVID-19 Illness Reported Being Faked?; How I Would Spend $100M in 10 Days to Assure the Mother of All Landslides; Three Tweets President Could Send That Would Change Everything.

The Steele Report – 10/5/2020

In today’s report Robert rates the White House as Green; Message, Economy, Society as Yellow; Campaign as Orange; and Zionism as Red. Topics addressed include Assassination Threats Against the President – Including Military Medicine & Scalar Beam?; The Exoneration of General Mike Flynn – What Next?; Music, Mind Control, & The Matrix Part II; Open Source Agency – Is It Now a Possibility?; NSA and Sexting – Could All Democratic Challengers Be Vulnerable?

The Steele Report – 9/28/2020

Robert grades the Campaign, Economy, and Society as Green, the Message and Zionism as Yellow, and the White House at Orange.

Topics discussed are Introducing the Private Documents Page; Music, Mind-Control, & The Matrix; Wall Street Naked Short Selling & Money Laundering: $200 Trillion Not $50 Trillion; Is Discussion of Space Commerce a Lead-in to Extraterrestrial Disclosure?; and Jim Stone on Adrenochrome Trade –Lists of Captive Children, Detention Locations.