The Steele Report – 12/28/2020

Robert grades UK/Israel Yellow, Economy and Society Orange, and Campaign, White House, and Message RED. He addresses the following topics:

🚨 Just How Broken in the US Congress? What Does Foreign β€œAid” Tell Us?

🚨 Past Implementations of Martial Law (60+ Times), Insurrection Act (20+ Times)

🚨 Update on Pedophilia & Empire Book Project – Chapter 41 Published, Book 4 in January

🚨 Comments on My Foreword to Martin Geddes’ New Book Open Mind Change

🚨 Tavistock Sponsorship of Transgenderism – Modern Treason, In My View

The Steele Report – 12/21/2020

REPORT: Robert grades UK/Israel Green, Campaign, White House, and Society Yellow, and Message and Economy Orange. He covers these topics:

🚨 Electoral College, DNI Foreign Interference Report, Joe Biden Indictment . . .

🚨 The Emerging Battle Over the Truth – BigTech Liars vs. Populist Truthers

🚨 Cyber-Integrity – Is Bad Code the Horseshoe Nail that Costs Us Everything?

🚨 The China Penetration of Everything Scare – An Opportunity to Scope Out All Others

The Steele Report – 12/14/2020

REPORT: Robert grades Campaign, White House, and UK/Israel as Green, Message and Society as Yellow, and Economy as Orange. He addressed the followed topics in 14 pages:

🚨 The Illuminati – A Series of Links for Learning About the Real Enemy of Humanity

🚨 Mind-Control Update: The West Point Military Academy Lecture Rocking the Internet

🚨 The Weaponization of Health – How The Illuminati Wage Bio-War Against All of Us

🚨 Post-Victory De-Nazification – Ending Mind Control & White Collar Crime in All Its Forms

🚨 Lawsuits Against YouTube for Deplatforming – The Big One, and Maybe Mine

The Steele Report – 12/7/2020

Robert grades Green for Campaign, Message, and UK/Israel; Yellow for White House and Society; and Orange for Economy. He addresses the following topics:

🚨 Remembering Pearl Harbor – and the Eight Actions FDR Took to Force That Attack

🚨 What Am I Afraid Of Today?

🚨 White Collar Crime – Manipulating All Forms of Knowledge Including Money

🚨 PRICELESS: My Notes from Two Days Listening to Martin Armstrong at his Orlando event 4-5 December “the alternative to Davos” with the topic this year of The Great Reset.

The Steele Report – 11/30/2020

Robert grades as Green the Campaign, Message, and UK/Israel; Yellow for White House, Society; and Orange for Economy.

🚨 How Trump Wins, Can It Be Stolen in the House?

🚨 What If Trump Were To Sponsor a Constitutional Convention? Some Thoughts

🚨 Reflections on Masks, Lockdown, Obedient Public, and Government Overreach

🚨 Are Banks At Risk? Is BigTech Planning to Replace Banks & Screw You Completely?

🚨 My Personal β€œBig Picture” Concept of How The Great Ideas Fit Together

The Steele Report – 11/23/2020

Robert’s grades for the past week are Green for Campaign, Message, and UK/Israel; Yellow for Society; Orange for Economy; and Red for White House. He addresses the following topics:

🚨 Are Democrats and Media Part of a WrestleMania Drama Controlled by POTUS?

🚨 Where Are We on COVID & 5G Science?

🚨 What’s Missing in Public Education on Election Fraud & Media Complicity? A Movie!

🚨 What Am I Planning with the Pedophilia & Empire Books & Movie?

🚨 Web 3.0 – Emerging Possibilities

The Steele Report – 11/16/2020

Robert grades Campaign, White House, Message, Economy, and UK/Israel as Green, Society as Yellow.
He addresses the following topics:

πŸ’₯ Election 2020 – Where are we on timeline and challenges

πŸ’₯ The international legal implications of declassifying HAMMER & SCORECARD

πŸ’₯ 5G and wireless as a continuing threat — will hard-wired home phones come back?

πŸ’₯ Space War – My take on stellar civilizations and threats to humanity right now

πŸ’₯ $100 Trillion confiscation from Wall Street – is this do-able, what will it buy?

πŸ’₯ Media dishonesty & technical shallowness – when might we see Web 3.0?