The Steele Report – 4/12/2021

Robert grades as GREEN White House, Society, and UK/Israel. He grades as YELLOW Message and Economy.

He addresses these topics:

  • ARISE USA Tour Overview — Accomplishments & Plans
  • Anna Von Reitz & the State Assemblies
  • Populists Left & Right: Why Trumpers Must Embrace Sandernistas
  • Why the Libertarian Party Leadership Sucks & Will Never Win Elections

The Steele Report – 4/5/2021

Robert grades GREEN for White House, Society, UK/Israel and YELLOW for Message and Economy.

He addresses the following topics in anticipation of his Earth 4.0 presentation on 17 April:

  • Solutions to revolutionary pre-conditions existing in the USA
  • Election 2008: Lipstick on the Pig policies update
  • Ten Threats, Twelve Policies – A Presidential Platform in Brief

The Steele Report – 3/29/2021

Robert grades GREEN across the board for White House, Message, Economy, Society, and UK/Israel.

He addresses the following topics:

  • ARISE USA Insider Information Not Being Published
  • My Best Guess on Near Future of Trump, COVID, and Hate Speech
  • Are DNC & GOP Going to Be Exterminated by 2022? Fight for $15 Could Help
  • My Vision for the West as Catalyst for Restoring Family Farms and Freedom