The Steele Report – 9/28/2020

Robert grades the Campaign, Economy, and Society as Green, the Message and Zionism as Yellow, and the White House at Orange.

Topics discussed are Introducing the Private Documents Page; Music, Mind-Control, & The Matrix; Wall Street Naked Short Selling & Money Laundering: $200 Trillion Not $50 Trillion; Is Discussion of Space Commerce a Lead-in to Extraterrestrial Disclosure?; and Jim Stone on Adrenochrome Trade –Lists of Captive Children, Detention Locations.


The Steele Report – 9/21/2020

Robert rates Campaign, Society, and Zionism as Green; Message as Yellow; and White House and Economy as Orange. He discusses the following topics: Great Awakening Tips – Harvesting My Book Reviews and Blogs as Catalysts for Thinking; Trump as a Transitional Figure – Split Cabal? Cosmic Break-Out in Two Years?; Are Local, State, and Federal Governments Completely Compromised & A Threat to Us?; Food Scarcity Possibilities Continue to Loom; China Advances on the Electromagnetic Front from Apps to Drones to Satellites.


The Steele Report – 9/14/2020

Robert rated Campaign and Zionism in the Green, White House, Message, Economy, and Society Yellow. In this week’s text report he discusses Aliens, Alien Technology, Mind-Control; The Battle of the Global Giants – World Economic Forum versus the Elders; October Surprises – Five Aces in the President’s Hand; 5G Is Still a Threat and Directed Energy Can Vaporize Bodies as Well as Start Fires; The Potential Food Crisis – Need Six Months to Avert; Sheriffs & Pastors – Concept for a Bottom-Up Self-Governing America.