The Steele Report – 8/31/2020

In today’s report Robert rates Campaign, White House, and Economy as Yellow, Message, Society, and Zionism as Green. He covers the following topics: 5G Ascension – the Ishtar Series as Fundamental Orientation – Become the New Human; Has Bill Gates been flipped by Donald Trump?; My take on the two presidential conventions; Why Q Anon matters – preventing civil war with white militia discipline; Winding down the fake pandemic — the truth is emergent; Have state-sponsored criminals been re-labeled enemy combatants? Implications of this? The future of work – local, digital, Open Source Everything Engineering possibilities; Has the dismantling of Zionist control of Christian Evangelicals begun?


The Steele Report – 8/24/2020

Today’s report rates GREEN for White House, Message, Economy, Society, and Zionism, and YELLOW for Campaign. A RESTRICTED video not allowed on YouTube is introduced with supporting book reviews and a supporting post. The following are addressed in the main body of the document:

Q Anon – real or not real – my appraisal
Jews, Zionists, and Russian Criminals – has the time come for a counterintelligence purge?
Mark Steele on the 5G Threat and Claims of 5G Conversion into Benign Tesla Towers
Appraisal of the Pre-Conditions for Revolution Existing in the USA Today
What Is To Be Done? Is Trump Doing What Needs To Be Done?


The Steele Report – 8/17/2020

The Steele Report for Monday, 17 August 2020 rates Green for White House and Zionism, Yellow for the Economy, Orange for Message and Society, and Red for Campaign. Topics addressed include Shadowgate – the full film debunked; It’s not about left versus right but about good versus evil; Chances of Trump winning re-election / Biden down, Harris up, Republican cross-over?; Do we need a Constitutional Convention?; What should Web 3.0 look like?; China’s reality – Asians & Russia will push back, not the USA; and Analysis of “Peace Deal” between Israel and UAE as REJECTED by Palestinians