The Steele Report – 3/8/2021

Robert graded the White House Green, the Economy Orange, and Message, Society, and UK/Israel Yellow.

He addresses the following topic:

  • 1-7 March 2021 — Did Big Booms Happen? Near Death Experience When?
  • Technocracy, Evangelicals, Fundamentalism, & the Cult of Lucifer
  • Religion as Population Control – Is Jesus a Metaphor?
  • Constitutional County Communities – An Emergent Solution
  • CountyCoin & CountyWeb

The Steele Report – 3/1/2021

Robert Grades all factors GREEN — White House, Message, Economy, Society, UK/Israel.

He addresses the following topic:

  • The Martin Dossier & the COVID Nuremberg Trials
  • My Preliminary Concept for my Earth 4.0 Lecture in May
  • My Preliminary Concept for a National Tour Calling for County-Level Liberty
  • Announcing Three New Websites: Web 3.0, OSE-21, World Brain
  • Posting of the First Movie on Lucifer & His Cult – And Update on 3 Movies